Tour Pricing for ShrineTours

In addition to the shrine tours, we also offer customized tours for visiting the shrines, churches,  and religious sites in the area that can include visits to American historical sites and other interesting Philadelphia area places.

We also offer special tours for smaller groups of individuals or family tours.

Visit to 2 shrines or sites plus stop for lunch

(normally a full day of touring)

Please call or contact us for pricing  *

Visit to 1 shrine or site plus stop for lunch

(normally a half-day of touring)

Please call or contact us for pricing  *

*Tour Group can bring a priest free-of-charge!

  Cost of lunch not included in pricing

  Box lunches can be provided for a small additional fee.

A Donation of $5.00 per person to be given to each shrine or site visited will be added to above costs for tour

Call, email us, or complete the contact information form to obtain a customized pricing quote.  We are pleased to arrange special tours specifically for your group.